OnRoto.com Fantasy Sports
OnRoto.com Mission Statement
In the last five to ten years the Fantasy Sports Stat Service (or League Management) Business has transformed from an industry encompassing a large number of small, specialized sites catering primarily to an audience of hard-core players with custom, non-standard rules into one involving just a handful of very large, media-driven sites targeting the much larger market of casual players comfortable with a standard, basic set of rules. This shift has created a gaping void in the ranks of reasonably-priced providers capable and willing to support specialized rules and scoring options required by old-school, long-time players.

OnRoto.com was formed in 2008 by two of the former owners of TQStats with the intention of filling that void -- originally for Baseball, and starting in 2010, for Football as well. Our goal was (and remains) to provide a platform for more sophisticated fantasy players -- those who prefer to play by their own rules because they're after a Fantasy experience that's a whole lot different from the generic, standardized (and rather bland) version offered by the multi-media behemoths. A service where the people who built and support the site are hard-core players themselves -- guys who know what people are talking about when they ask detailed questions about custom features, and not just some generic programmer in a job-shop half the world away.

During our lengthy tenures in this business, we've handled (and honored) requests for almost every imaginable custom rule -- scoring, transactions, etc -- and we've designed and developed OnRoto.com to be as flexible and adaptable as possible. If your leagues uses a quirky, custom rule, the odds are good that we're already set up to handle it. If not, just ask. We'll certainly understand what you're after, and we'll very likely be able to set it up for you.

As we have every year, we're going to charge $99 per league in 2020. We don't require payment until May for baseball and October for football, which means we offer a rather lengthy free-trial period. We encourage everyone to give us a look, and by all means pass along comments and suggestions.

To sign up a league, first Click Here to create a user account, and then click on the "Create a New League" at the left, which will become active once you're registered.

Thanks for checking us out, and if you have any questions, please contact us at support@onroto.com.

-- Scott and Mark