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OnRoto.com Fantasy Sports
OnRoto.com is happy to announce that we've once again arranged with our stat supplier (Baseball Info Solutions), to be able to offer daily downloads of MLB stats this year for $100 for the entire season.

Stats are posted (as .csv files) to a space we set up for you on our site, usually around 5:30 or 6:00 AM EDT. You can have stats generated everyday or on one specific day of the week, and you can get any combination of the YTD stats, stats from just the previous day, the previous week, the previous two weeks, or the previous three weeks. Stats can be provided with all MLB players in the same file, or split into AL and NL files, if you need to keep that data separate.

The following hitter stats (plus a few others) are available:
ID, last, first, team, G, AB, R, H, 1B, 2B, 3B, HR, RBI, SB, CS, BB, IBB, K, Sac, SF, HP, GDP, E, Grand_slams, games_DH, games_P, games_C, games_1B, games_2B, games_3B, games_SS, games_LF, games_CF, games_RF

The following pitcher stats (plus a few others) are available:
ID, last, first, team, G, GS, CG, ShO, QS, GF, W, L, SV, BS, Holds, IP, H, 1B, 2B, 3B, HR, BB, IBB, HP, R, ER, SB, CS, BK, WP, K, BF

Once we have sufficient volume to warrant it, we'll turn this page into a web form so you can sign up automatically. For now, though, if you're serious about wanting raw stats from OnRoto.com, please register an account (just a user account -- not a league) with us by clicking here or on the "Sign Me Up" link at left, and then email us at support@onroto.com telling us:

  1. The user handle you registered with us.
  2. Which day(s) of the week you'd like the stats posted.
  3. Which type(s) of stats you need: YTD, daily, weekly, etc.
  4. Which MLB leagues you need (AL, NL, Both, or Both separated into AL and NL).
  5. Which hitter stats you want, and in what order.
  6. Which pitcher stats you want, and in what order.
  7. Whether or not you want the pitcher's batting stats included with the regular hitters (and vice versa).
  8. If you want daily numbers, whether you player stats combined or kept separate when they play doubleheaders.

After we get your email, we'll create a space for you on our server, generate sample files, and email you back with info on accessing the data.

-- Mark and Scott at OnRoto.com